Public Procurement Public Feedback results


 The draft action plan was sent for Public Feedback from June and July 2018. During this period, a wide range of stakeholders was approached, amongst others through workshops and presentations, and was given the opportunity to provide their input on the draft actions proposed by the Partnership.  It has resulted in a feedback response that we are proud of: in total, 150 comments were received from 15 different Member States! Public and private organisations; local, regional, national organisations but also European Institutions participated in the Public Feedback and provided valuable feedback on the actions. 


Overall, the feedback was positive and the vast majority of respondents agree with the actions developed by the Partnership. Some suggestions for improvement and constructive remarks were also provided. In addition, the document has also been reviewed by the UDG members and benefited from the Inter-service consultation. All received comments have been assessed, and the action plan updated and revised accordingly. 


Thank you very much to all respondents!