Support by the European Urban Initiative as the new Secretariat for the Urban Agenda for the EU

Starting from September 2022, the European Urban Initiative (EUI) took over the role of Technical Secretariat (TS) of the UAEU on behalf of the European Commission. As Technical Secretariat, EUI will develop, operationalise and offer a package of services aimed at supporting the coordinators and members of the new UAEU Partnerships in developing and implementing the actions defined under their Action Plans. 

The support services will cover aspects related to management, communication, and synergy creation. Through these services, the EUI aims to complement and facilitate the work of the Partnerships’ coordinators, who will be leading the cooperation and products to be delivered by the Partnerships.

Additionally, and in line with the Ljubljana Agreement, EUI will explore ways to better support small and medium-size urban authorities.

In this context, the communication about the work of the Urban Agenda for the EU will progressively be deployed through the European Urban Initiative which already has set up a dedicated space for the Urban Agenda for the EU available here. Urban Agenda for the EU twitter and LinkedIn account will remain active. The newsletter of the Urban Agenda for the EU will be phased out and we invite you to subscribe to the EUI newsletter to continue to follow the initiative.

More information about the European Urban Initiative can be found on the EUI website: