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Partnerships on Security in Public Space and Culture / Cultural Heritage submit their draft Action Plans to Public Feedback

Approved in November 2018,  the Partnerships on Security in Public Spaces and Culture / Cultural Heritage unveil today their draft action plans. Stakeholders are invited to contribute and participate to a series of short questionnaires on actions, until 9 September.

Action plans present a range of suggested actions to tackle identified issues in both fields. Before final approval by EU Member States, their drafts are open for comments during a 7 week "Public Feedback". Collected inputs help strengthening and consolidating draft actions.

All interested stakeholders (e.g. institutions and authorities, academies and research centres, companies, NGOs, experts and citizens)have access to the draft actions and can answer anonymously to any of the action questionnaires. No registration is needed.

The two draft Actions Plans are now available on the dedicated Action Plan sections:


More information on the Public Feedback

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