Online brochure on the ‘Urban Agenda for the EU – Multi-level governance in action’ has a new revised version

The Urban Agenda for the EU (UAEU) is an innovative urban policy initiative which represents a new multi-level governance model that encourages cooperation among Member States, cities, the European Commission, and other stakeholders. It has enabled key players to collaborate on urban issues and strengthen the role of cities in national and EU policies to better link the EU with the needs of its citizens.

It acts as an ‘umbrella’ for all urban policy initiatives and aims to realise the full potential and contribution of urban areas to attaining the Union's objectives and related national priorities. It also works to integrate urban authorities in policy development and implementation, as well as to strengthen the urban dimension of these policies.

The UAEU, which is organised into thematic Partnerships representing various governmental levels and stakeholders, focuses its work on better regulation, better funding, and better knowledge as the three pillars of EU policymaking and implementation.

The European Commission has updated the brochure ‘Urban Agenda for the EU – Multi-level governance in action’, initially developed and published in 2019, with the most recent UAEU developments in order to celebrate five years of cooperation and achievements under this initiative.

This brochure emphasises the role of the Urban Agenda for the EU in supporting innovative and good governance and in implementing the New Urban Agenda (NUA), as well as the diversity and variety of actions and achievements so far. The update includes references to the New Leipzig Charter, to the Ljubljana Agreement, the review of the UAEU’s contribution to the NUA, as well as answers of UAEU cities to COVID-19. It also includes contributions from the series of articles published in 2021, and other relevant EU projects and initiatives supported by Cohesion Policy.

The reader will be guided through a variety of ‘action stories’ and examples of actions divided by the different thematic Partnerships and working in a more integrated way to address cross-cutting issues and support better regulation, better funding and better knowledge. The brochure also looks at the multiple EU programmes and initiatives addressing sustainable urban development.

There is room to strengthen urban policy in the EU through better and closer cooperation between cities, Member States and the EU. This is where the Urban Agenda for the EU is a making a concrete and positive contribution.

Download the new interactive document and explore the new achievements leading to a common framework to address urban issues at EU level.

Urban Agenda for the EU – Multi-level governance in action (2021 Update)
(11.09 MB - PDF)
Brochure Urban Agenda for the EU - Multilevel governance in Action 2021 Update