"TRANSGREEN International Conference on Natural-Infrastructure Connectivity"


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The International Conference on Natural-Infrastructure Connectivity — organised by the TRANSGREEN project, funded by the Interreg Danube Transnational Programme — will gather over 100 scientists, scholars and engineers from the Danube Region working on the themes of green and grey infrastructure and spatial planning. The event will focus on fostering cooperation between the participants by presenting and discussing ongoing research activities and sharing best practices in order to develop adequate policies throughout borders and sectors for safer and more environmentally-friendly road and rail networks in the mountainous regions of the Danube Basin.

Moreover, we are welcoming interested stakeholders who would like to present their research and projects within any of our parallel sessions, as well as interested institutions and projects who would like to submit their posters to be showcased during the event.

The conference topics are:

Spatial planning practice/GIS/policy
Road planning practice/GIS/policy
Environmentally-friendly road and rail transport solutions
Road safety
Road kill registration/monitoring
Elements of Green Infrastructure in road construction
Ecological corridors

Moreover, on 2 April 2019, the Carpathian Convention will also hold its Working Group (WG) Meeting between its WG Biodiversity, WG Spatial Development and WG Industry, Energy, Transport & Infrastructure. For this opportunity, a limited number of spots are available for any interested party that would like to participate with an ‘Observer’ status to this meeting between the Working Groups for Biodiversity, for Spatial Development, and for Industry, Energy, Transport & Infrastructure.

If you would like to register as an attendant or as a speaker, or if you would like to submit a poster, please REGISTER HERE.

Please, note that participation to the event is free of cost. Moreover, the TRANSGREEN project is also willing to cover the traveling costs (partially or totally) of speakers and attendants, with the former having a priority. Each request for total or partial costs coverage will be revised on a case by case basis. Decisions regarding the capacities of the project to fund the participation of every individual will be dependent on funds availability and reasoning to apply for the funds, and will be communicated to each person on a timely basis.

Scientific Organising Board

Dr Katalin Török (MTA ÖK Centre for Ecological Research, Institute of Ecology and Botany)
Dr Krisztina Filepné Kovács (Szent István University, Faculty of Landscape Architecture and Urbanism, Department of Landscape Planning and Regional Development)
Dr András Szirányi (National Infrastructure Developing Ltd., Secretariat of Technical Coordination)
Dr Richárd László (University of Sopron, Faculty of Forestry, Institute of Vertebrate Zoology and Wildlife Management)
András Weipert (F6 for Sustainability Association , Szent István University, Faculty of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences, Institute of Aquaculture and Environmental Safety, Department of Aquaculture)

About the TRANSGREEN project

The TRANSGREEN project, funded by the Interreg Danube Transnational Programme and implemented by partners based in the Danube region, aims to contribute to safer and environmentally-friendly road and rail networks in mountainous regions of the Danube Basin — with a special focus on the Carpathian Mountains. Since its kick-off in January 2017, the project has been working on improving planning frameworks and developing concrete environmentally-friendly and safe road and rail transport solutions, taking into account elements of Green Infrastructure — in particular ecological corridors.