Improving access for cities to EU integration funding

There are many initiatives and projects at local level for the integration of migrants and refugees financed by EU funds (ERDF, ESF and AMIF). However, cities still encounter problems in accessing EU funds due to lack of relevant calls from managing authorities, complex bureaucratic procedures, diverging priorities at different levels of governments, and limited recognition of the role and needs of cities at national level. 

To solve this issue, the Partnership on the Inclusion of Migrants and Refugees dedicates one action to providing recommendations on better access for cities to EU integration funding. The Partnership aims to reduce regulatory and practical barriers for cities and promote tools to guarantee a better access of cities to EU integration funding. 

In March 2018, the Partners published their recommendation paper for improving cities’ use of and access to integration funding. The paper emphasises the challenges in cities' access to EU funds and gives recommendations for better access to integration funding in the post-2020 programming period. You can find the recommendations paper in the Library.  

The Action Leader is EUROCITIES.

More details on this Action are presented in the Action Plan. To stay up to date, please consult the Partnership website regularly and follow the Urban Agenda for the EU on Twitter @EUUrbanAgenda.

The Partnership has also produced a short video on this Action:

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