2nd International Conference on Migration and Mobilities, Plymouth


Roland Levinsky Building, University of Plymouth
46-52 Exeter Street
United Kingdom

A two-day conference at the University of Plymouth will showcase the importance of migration and mobilities feature prominently in our everyday lives. The often competing discourses debated by politicians and the media regarding the movement of people, of products and services, of resources and pollution, of ideas and beliefs have greatly influenced the ways in which people consider and contest notions of distance, proximity, territory and belonging and the (in)equitability involved in this. Within the academy, the rapidly changing shape of the world in terms of governance, finance, resources, war, terrorism etc. has encouraged migration and mobilities experts to challenge the theories and concepts we employ to explore, interpret and evaluate movement at a range of spatial and temporal scales to respond to a myriad of societal changes. 

Inclusion of migrants and refugees Migration Mobilities