New Action Plan of the Partnership on Inclusion of Migrants and Refugees

The Urban Agenda Partnership on Inclusion of Migrant and Refugees has evaluated its work from 2016 to 2019 and proposed a work plan for the coming 2 years (2020-2022).

It concluded that its highly participatory and multi-level governance cooperation provides strong links to continue fostering innovative ideas for policy development and implementation and presented a new Action Plan which sets out the Partnership’s objectives until the end of 2022. The Partnership also aims to extend the plan beyond the two-year timeframe and link the lessons learned from its actions into long-term policy strategies.

The new proposed Actions are:

  1. Improving migrants’ and refugees’ access to healthcare;
  2. Improving the prevention, early identification, and treatment of mental health concerns among migrants and refugees;
  3. Advancing the role of art and culture in promoting inclusion and fighting racism;
  4. Promoting the inclusion and participation of LGBTQI+ migrants;
  5. Facilitating evidence-based integration policymaking in cities;
  6. Expanding the use of financial instruments for inclusion by cities;
  7. Better protecting children in migration.


The existing Actions were:

  1. Recommendations on the protection of unaccompanied minors
  2. Towards more evidence-based integration policies in cities: setting the agenda, exploring comparable indicators & developing a toolbox for good practice transfer
  3. Improving access for cities to EU integration funding
  4. Establishment of an Academy on integration strategies
  5. Establishment of a European Migrant Advisory Board 
  6. Establishment of Financial Blending Facilities for cities and SMEs
  7. Improving desegregation policies in European cities 
  8. Further reinforce the role of Microfinance, for instance through blending


Read the full document below.

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Urban Agenda Partnership Inclusion Action Plan 2021-2022
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