Podcast - 'The Real Story: The World's Housing Crisis'

A podcast on the world´s housing crisis has recently been published on the BBC.  Recently, the BBC published a podcast on the world´s housing crisis, which is recommended to follow:


The Real Story: The World's Housing Crisis

"The state of affordable housing in major cities around the world is an issue of increasing concern to politicians - and of course to the growing population of large cities. Next month, the UN's World Urban Forum will discuss rapid urbanisation and the pressures it brings on cities’ infrastructure and housing. In Germany, Berlin is the first city in German history to impose rent controls. In London, an inquiry into the disastrous fire in an inner city high rise block has highlighted the quality and safety concerns surrounding affordable accommodation in the capital. Everywhere urban planners are asking: can large cities provide affordable quality accommodation for residents? A panel of expert guests, including Barbara Steenbergen, International Union of Tenants and Member of the EU UA Partnership for Housing, discuss the big challenges facing local authorities and city dwellers around the world."


You can access the podcast on the BBC website.