Milestone for the Housing Partnership: European Parliament EMPL committee votes on housing report

The Housing Partnership recently reached a milestone: the findings of the Partnership have been taken-up to the European level, in an own-initiative report by the European Parliament.

It is a significant step for the Housing Partnership as members and action leaders were closely involved in the process, and the result now includes main policy objectives and builds upon the Partnership´s Action plan for affordable housing.

The document, “Access to decent and affordable housing for all”, of rapporteur MEP Kim Van Sparrentak was on the agenda of this week´s meeting of the Employment Committee and received an overwhelming majority of votes. The next - and final step - is the vote in the EP plenary scheduled January 18th, 2021.

Michaela Kauer, coordinator of the Partnership says: “This means that we did the hattrick with our Action Plan – the European Committee of the Regions, the European Economic and Social Committee and now the European Parliament took up many of our recommendations to improve EU regulation, funding and knowledge on social and affordable housing".

Michaela also points out that: "This is more important as we see that housing is at the heart of the coronavirus crisis; we need resilient housing systems more than ever. The report clearly sees a strong role for EU policies to support and promote inclusive, cooperative and participatory housing solutions across EU cities, regions and Member States".

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