How to Solve the Housing Affordability Crisis - Interview with B. Steenbergen from IUT

With the roaring housing crisis, one can wonder what causes the unaffordable houses to dominate the market and what could be the possible solutions?

In an interview with the CityChangers, Barbara Steenbergen, the Action 13 “Recommendations on Good Housing Policy” leader and a member of the executive committee of the International Union of Tenants (IUT), as well as the Head of Liaison Office to the EU answered some of these alarming questions.

Having worked in the field for the past 20 years, Barbara shared 3 crucial tips on both individual and decision-making level. As a priority key point, she stressed the need for a dual approach, i.e., the importance to focus on both supply and demand sides of the issue. Moreover, value-based approach should re-appear on the agenda when discussing the housing affordability crisis. Finally, the right to housing should be perceived as a fundamental right, according to Barbara.

To sum up, housing crisis is a complex problem that developed over time. As a result, it must be tackled in a holistic way, by addressing the core and intertwined issues.

For more detailed information and hands-on tips, please refer to the full article here.


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