Annexes to the Housing Partnership Action Plan

Thematic research developed for the Housing Partnership:

The Partnership prepared thematic studies, research and briefing papers focusing on 10 housing themes as a background information to identify relevant actions and devise their implementation. Thematic research reports and briefing notes developed by commissioned experts are:

1) Research report (2017): Overcoming Obstacles to the Funding and Delivery of Affordable Housing Supply in European States  

2) Research report (2017): Affordable Housing in Central and Eastern Europe: Identifying and Overcoming Constrains in New Member States

3) Briefing note (2016): Social housing and State Aid for ‘Services of General Economic Interest’ (SGEIs) 

4) Briefing note (2017): Analysis of interpretations of the term affordable housing in the EUUA Housing Partnership

5) Analytical paper (2017): The Working Method of the Housing Partnership

6) Analytical paper (2017): EU Urban Agenda Housing Partnership Links with international commitments

7) Briefing note (2016): European Semester and Country Specific Recommendations

8) Report on Public Consultation (2017)


Briefing notes and other research work specifically developed by members of the partnership:

1) Briefing note on the European Semester (Housing Europe, 2018)

2) Analysis of the country specific recommendations and housing (Vienna, 2018) 

3) Briefing note on security of tenure and rent stabilisation and rent control (IUT, 2018)

4) Background Paper on VAT (Poznan, 2017, 2018)

5) Background Paper on Affordability (IUT, 2018)


For more information on the Action Plan of the Housing Partnership, please visit the Action Plan section.