11th Meeting of the Housing Partnership, Luxembourg

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This meeting will focus on financing affordable housing investment from EIB, cohesion policy and housing and look at the role of housing in the European Semester and its country-specific recommendations.

Two Ministers from Luxemburg, who is an active member of the partnership, will address the meeting, François Bausch, Minister for Sustainable Development and Infrastructure, and Marc Hansen, Minister for Housing. Participants will receive insight into the Luxemburg housing situation and ongoing projects.

A big share of the agenda is dedicated to EIB´s role in financing affordable housing projects, and members will have the chance to exchange with Gerry Muscat, Head of Division of the EIB. They will learn more about the EIB’s lending, policies and guidelines in the Social Housing sector, its experience with financial intermediators and aggreators and what support the European Investment Advisory Hub – the URBIS initiative – can provide. EIB is a stable and active member of the partnership as well.

Members will also continue their work on affordabilty and data, two issues of high interest, and will receive an analysis of the housing chapters in the 28 country reports in the course of the European Semester.

EIB meeting cohesion policy affordable housing investment European Semester country-specific recommendations Luxembourg