10th Meeting of Housing Partnership with focus on General Housing Policy



The 10th Meeting of the Partnership on Affordable Housing is coming up. On 22-23 March, the Partnership will meet in Lisbonto discuss important aspects of general housing policy. Different housing-related thematic priorities such as security of tenure, rent stabilization or building ground will be in the focus. The meeting will work on a set of recommendations and concrete projects on good housing policies from an urban perspective and thus contribute further to the Draft Action Plan foreseen by the end of this year. As part of the full-day sessions, the Partnership will also get to know housing and urban development policy in Lisbon and visit the Lisbon Smart City exhibition “Sharing Cities - H2020 Project”. A study visit of two new Social Housing sites in the city (Boavista and Padre Cruz Districts) will complete the programme.

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More information:

“Peace, bread and housing”, insights from the 10th meeting

Action Plan

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