Smart cities and Mobility Forum, 1 October 2020


Cities and technology in the 21st century are moving faster than the old systems of governance and analysis can follow. New ways of communicating, moving and making business are constantly arising. The future of urban life is disruptive. The challenge ahead of companies and local government is to make sense of these changes and use them to provide better services and better quality of life for a rising number of citizens. The “smart city” is a collective of the innovative technologies that can make urban life better. “How” is a question with multiple answers that can only be found through dialogue, insight and collaboration between city builders, businesses and most important of all - the people who live in the cities.


The annual SMART CITIES AND MOBILITY FORUM is already becoming the leading platform in SEE for new urban technology and the transformation of mobility and living. Now in its 3rd year, the event is a meetup of the policy, business and citizen sectors, where you can get up to date with and explore new trends, business models and policies in urban development and mobility technology.


Key topics on the 2020 agenda:

- Cities and Mobility redefined post COVID-19

- Best practices and lessons learned from the pandemic

- Policies and cooperation needed for better urban planning

- Behaviour science & Transportation. Mobility Culture

- How Sofia could become a city of the future   


Please note that it will be an online event. 


Deadline for Registration:

September 30th, 2020


Visit the website for more details. 

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