Live from Cologne: 14th Federal Congress on National Urban Development Policy


The 14th Federal Congress on National Urban Development Policy will be held virtually on the 3rd and 4th of May 2021 and will be broadcasted live from the Flora/Botanical Garden in Cologne.

This edition of the congress is special as it celebrates "50 Years of the German Urban Development Support Programme" and the fruitful collaboration between federal, state and local governments and a variety of stakeholders at the local level as well.

In a dedicated European arena, special points will be addressed such as the implementation of the New Leipzig Charter with a focus on EU Structural Funds, the future of the Urban Agenda for the EU and examples of National Urban Policies from Poland and Spain.

In a session on URBACT and the New Leipzig Charter in cities’ practice, the discussion will be around how municipalities involved in URBACT promote the implementation of the objectives of the New Leipzig Charter.

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