Energy Transition Partnership kick-starts implementation phase with 6th Partnership meeting, June 2019, Brussels

On 19 June 2019, the 6th meeting of the Energy Transition Partnership took place in Brussels, Belgium. Following the agreement over the Partnership’s Action Plan at the DGUM Meeting in May 2019, this meeting represented the official beginning of the implementation phase of the work of this Partnership.  

During the meeting, Partners shared their ideas for the implementation of each of the Actions and reflected upon the next steps of the Partnership. The Coordinators of the Partnership – representatives from Gdansk, London and Roeselare – stressed the importance of this new phase and encouraged partners to keep the political commitments and promote the Partnership’s activities and results.  


For their part, the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Regional and Urban Policy, DG REGIO, explained that the implementation phase could be the most challenging and important one to the Urban Agenda for the EU.  

In parallel, with the aim of assisting Partners with the planning of the implementation of Actions, the Secretariat presented an ‘implementation plan template’ to help translate the goals and objectives of the Partnership into concrete outputs. Action Leaders were asked to begin the consideration of filling them in and share them with the rest of the Partnership.  

Overall, it was a successful meeting where partners exchanged ideas for the implementation of the different Actions and decided on the organisation of work for the coming weeks and months.

Brussels Action Plan meeting Energy Transition implementation