EUKN Conference on Energy Transition in the Built Environment, The Hague, NL

COMM Museum for Communication
Zeestraat 82
2518 AD The Hague

The Dutch government’s Climate Agreement and existing EU targets aim to reduce CO2 emissions substantially by 2030 and beyond. To meet these targets, the built environment – next to other sectors – needs to be made more sustainable. While the Dutch case might be unique regarding the dependence on natural gas, European countries face similar challenges regarding the transformation of buildings into sustainable neighbourhoods.

The Dutch Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations has commissioned the European Urban Knowledge Network - EUKN to organise a conference that sheds light on this large-scale challenge from a European point of view. The event will bring together Dutch and European experts to share their experiences in transforming the existing building stock into green, energy-efficient buildings. 

Timo Wyffels from the City of Roeselare, co-coordinating the Urban Agenda for the EU Energy Transition Partnership, will contribute with a presentation of the urban dimension of this topic.

For more information, the updated programme, and registration, please visit the EUKN website.

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