Work continues after 2nd Partnership meeting in Sofia

On June 7-8, the second meeting of the Partnership on Digital Transition took place in Sofia (Bulgaria). The event brought together members and new partners to focus on the progress of the existing working groups: eGovernance, Future Health, Data standardization, Future learning, Business models, Urban planning, and 5G and other KETs.

All of them presented the results of their work in three axes: better knowledge, better funding and better regulation. In each case, a matrix of identified bottlenecks, good practices and current and proposed actions was discussed.

The two-day meeting concluded with the setting of next steps for each working group, which will put in common the results of their efforts at the 3rd Partnership meeting, scheduled at the beginning of September. The finalization of the first draft action plan is also foreseen by that time.





meeting Sofia


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Iesniedzis Eddy HARTOG Ce, 28/09/2017 - 16:02

Hi William,

Are there any minutes of this meeting?