10th Partnership Meeting: Partners take stock on progress and challenges with the actions implementation

Lyon hosted on 4-5 October the 10th Urban Agenda Digital Transition Partnership meeting. After a general welcome by Herve’ Groleas, Director of digital innovation and information systems at Métropole de Lyon, the partners took stock on the implementation of the actions, discussed progress made as well as challenges they encountered. After the opening remarks of Wolfgang Hoefs, from the European Commission, and a site visit in the Innovation Lab Erasme, the Partnership members worked in groups and primarily focused on Actions 2, 4, 8, 9, 10, 11-12, and 15.

 Most actions are on track and require the identification of key performance indicators (for instance, Action 2: Digital Neighborhood Instrument) or monitoring structure (e.g. Action 4: Helping cities develop a user-centric eGovernment model). For others, the participants highlighted the need for extra partners to join in order to achieve meaningful progress, or test existing tools and approaches. This is the case of Action 1, 5, 6, 10, and 11-12. The latter two will be now combined in one action given their interdependence and interlinkages. Hence, it was agreed by the Partnership members to continue working on the implementation phase while, at the same time, expand the partnership. Part of the meeting also focused on the use of new tools to monitor progress and maximize cooperation among partners as well as increase visibility.

The meeting was closed with a presentation on funding opportunities, notably through Urban Innovative Actions and with a debate on the role of digitalisation in the next EU programming phase.

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