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Soumis par Ralf Lippold le jeu, 12/20/2018 - 11:51

Thank you for inviting me to review some of the activities in the digitization/digitalization in government across Europe underway. 

Living in Saxony, one of Europe's most prominent microelectronics and tech regions, I have to say that there is nothing heard about these activities at a European level at any of the media outlets here (whether online or offline).

Citizens don't know of what is currently underway. Apart from announcements of new funding projects towards the implementation of smart city solutions that "larger picture" (framework) is not known. 


1. Lack of broadband internet connection

2. Lack of digital literacy (apart from using social media, communication) 

3. No built-up digital citizen engagement 

4. No to little English practiced in the region (German is the main language used)

These are my thoughts, though very personal I am doing action research in the field of citizen engagement for the last ten years, and little has changed. 

In case you are interested in further background, please get in touch. 

Best regards, Ralf Lippold