Action 11 & 12 of the Digital Transition Partnership: External review now available!


As part of Action 11 and 12 of the Digital Transition Partnership, participating cities have developed and implemented numerous outcomes.

This includes livings labs on merging digital technologies, funding mechanisms, a practical digital framework to implement new technologies, and inputs for potential European legislation and funding regarding new technologies. 

To create a consolidated picture of all of these outcomes, the Partnership asked an external expert to review Action 11 & 12 and develop recommendations for the implementation of future Partnerships.

The final result is an interesting external review report, which contains the following elements:

  • The background and motivation for the review;
  • An overview of Action 11 & 12 outputs; 
  • The lessons learned during the implementation of Action 11 & 12;
  • A series of 10 recommendations for the implementation of future partnerships.

The report has been compiled based on the information gathered from interviews with the Action Leaders of Action 11 & 12 and publicly available sources.

Take a look below!

External expert report on the outcomes of Action 11 & 12
(176.83 KB - PDF)
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