The Partnership discusses monitoring and promotion during the 6th Meeting

On January 14 and 15, Brussels hosted the 6th Partnership Meeting of the Urban Agenda Partnership on Climate Adaptation. Three topics were on the programme of the two-day meeting: partnership implementation, monitoring and promotion. Participants worked and discussed together on each of them to draw the action line for the next future of the Partnership.

Concerning the implementation of the Partnership, each Action Leader started by explaining the current state of play and this, together with the work plans, fueled the discussion. The adoption of a common document listing all the expected deliverables and the use of surveys were among the discussed topics.

The question on monitoring kicked off Day 2. It was then decided that the Partnership will adopt a monitoring table accessible by all members and that it will hold regular progress calls. In the afternoon, the promotion of the Partnership was discussed. Among the different possibilities, the Technical Secretariat presented a common calendar of events, and was mandated to look into the realisation of a promotional video, to be coupled with the use of Futurium and social media. Finally, the possibility of a cooperation with the Partnership on Cultural heritage was proposed.

The next meeting of the Partnership will take place in Trondheim (Norway) in June.   


Brussels meeting Climate Adaptation implementation monitoring promotion