Actions close to finalisation during the 4th Partnership Meeting

The 4th meeting of the Urban Partnership on Climate Adaptation focused on the finalisation of actions for the upcoming Public Feedback, scheduled for July and August 2018.

The meeting kicked off on May 24 in Brussels with a general welcome and overview of the progress made so far in the development of the actions identified during the previous - 3rd Partnership Meeting in Barcelona. Action leaders introduced their actions with a short pitch each, followed by a round of discussion to share the internal feedback of the Partnership members. The first day of the meeting concluded with an intensive working session of all partners to finalise drafts of action.

The Partnership continued their work during the second day, on May 25, splitting the sessions in working plenaries to finalise the actions per topic: better regulation, better funding and better knowledge. The Partnership agreed on including all actions that will not be developed in the Draft Action Plan as recommended action ideas for the future.

The meeting ended with a presentation on the remaining work ahead of the Public Feedback, the possibilities for its promotion and the discussion of next steps.

Brussels Climate Adaptation Partnership Meeting draft action plan finalisation