3rd Partnership Meeting progresses on the definition of key actions

The 3rd meeting of the Partnership on Climate Adaptation, which took place in Barcelona (Spain) on March 12-13, focused on two axis. On the one hand, the progress made by the working groups on bottlenecks/potential analysis. On the other hand, the parallel discussions held on the key actions.

Thus, the Partnership tackled first the preliminary results from the bottlenecks questionnaire that aimed to reach out to the second circle of cities, spread the word about the climate adaptation work of Urban Agenda for the EU and validate the work of the Partnership with other cities. Likewise, the leaders of the working groups presented the conclusions of the analysis carried out, including important messages such as the current lack of common methodology to assess climate adaptation strategies/scenarios at city level, the need for long-term strategy, the limited borrowing capacity of cities and the overlapping and incompatibility of funding sources, to name a few.

Then, the meeting group was divided in groups that tackled the key actions. During the first session, the working groups brainstormed about the first actions to address each of the bottlenecks / capitalize on the identified potentials. The second session was dedicated to the definition of the most important actions as well as to refine existing potential actions.

The meeting counted with the participation of the European Environmental Agency, who joined the partnership as a stakeholder, as well as with representatives from the rest of members. The next meeting of the Partnership is foreseen on 24th and 25th of May in Brussels.

Barcelona meeting Climate Adaptation bottlenecks key actions