Political training academy on climate adaptation


European Committee of the Regions
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Political training academy on climate adaptation at the European Week for Regions and Cities


Climate adaptation measures can require substantial investment that can only be secured if there is political buy-in. This session will take place during the European Week for Regions and Cities and is organised by EUROCITIES in the framework of the EU Urban Agenda partnership on climate adaptation, building on a first edition in May 2019, consists in a training designed specifically for local politicians to raise their awareness of adaptation issues.

The training will:

  • Provide general information on what adaptation means for cities
  • Raise awareness of the costs of inaction
  • Inform about the risks of maladaptation.
  • Provide knowledge of the co-benefits of adaptation actions

The session targets local politicians (Mayors, Deputy Mayors, elected Councillors) from all over Europe.


The training will cover the following topics:

  1. How climate change already affects European cities. Evidence from latest events and their impact (casualties, economic losses).
  2. How will climate change affect European cities, the physics of climate change, evolution of temperatures and precipitations, evidence from latest science
  3. Mitigation cannot free us from the necessity of adaptation. Will climate change quickly halt if we decrease emissions? (Emissions in Europe vs. emissions in the rest of the world)
  4. What does adaptation mean? From understanding the risks and the vulnerability of your people and your infrastructure to climate hazards, to prioritizing critical facilities.
  5. If we do not act, or do not take sufficient measures, what will happen?
  6. Other benefits of adaptation, long-term economic benefits, immediate quality of life/job creation benefits
  7. What tools exist to concretely adapt? Covenant of Mayors initiative, climate-Adapt, funding for adaptation


This session builds on a first Political Training Academy on climate adaptation held in Oslo during the Urban Future Global Conference on 23 May 2019 and local Political Training Academies organised in several EU cities, including Glasgow in June 2019 and Genoa in Autumn 2019.


You canregister herebefore the 27th of September.


Find the action plan on Climate adaptation here. 


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