First Training Academy on Climate Adaptation for local politicians, an action of the Climate Adaptation Partnership of the EU Urban Agenda

On Wednesday the 22nd of May, the first General Training Academy of the Urban Agenda Partnership on Climate Adaptation will take place in Oslo during the Urban Future Global Conference. The Urban Future brings together delegates of European cities to make Europe’s cities more sustainable and forms an opportunity to discuss climate adaptation and mitigation in urban regions throughout Europe.


The General Academy provides training on climate adaptation for local politicians. As climate change can cause extreme weather conditions and food supply issues, climate adaptation regards the safety and living standards of citizens and cities. The goal of the training is therefore to create awareness and knowledge of climate adaptation strategies for local politicians. The training addresses questions such as “To what extent is climate adaptation urgent?”, “What are possible adaptation strategies and how can they be linked to other urban challenges?” and “What are the factors behind successful and effective climate adaptation policies?” in an interactive manner. It will be a one hour training which means the training forms an introduction to all mentioned topics and therefore a starting point for local politicians to get involved in climate adaptation measures in their cities.


The training is organized by the Council of European Municipalities and Regions, in collaboration with EUROCITIES, and is part of the implementation of actions of the Climate Adaptation Partnership under the Urban Agenda. The training itself will be provided by Birgit Georgi, an expert in climate adaptation in European urban areas.


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