Adaptation webinar series: Designing adaptation strategy and action plan


Following the webinar dedicated on conducting a Risk and Vulnerability Assessment, the next edition of the Covenant adaptation webinar series will focus on designing a strategy and action plan for adaptation to climate change impacts.

City practitioners will present various aspects of this process, including how to identify and prioritize possible adaptation measures, how to engage with citizens and other stakeholders and how to build on existing policies.

tool which facilitates the identification of adaptation measures to address a range of climate change hazards will also be presented during the webinar.



  • Supporting municipalities in the development of adaptation action plan - Agate Goyarrola, Udalsarea 2030, Basque Network of Sustainable Municipalities, Spain
  • The Adaptations Options Library: A tool for local authorities (live demo) - Peter Bosch, TNO, The Netherlands
  • Participatory approaches for adaptation planning - Eira Rosberg, City of Lahti, Finland
  • Q&A session