Climate Adaptation Action Plan

The Partnership on Climate Adaptation is pleased to present its final Action Plan. The ten Actions aim to improve legislation, funding instruments and knowledge sharing to contribute towards the Union’s long-term objectives of sustainable growth and social, economic and territorial cohesion. 

The Partnership has identified one overarching objective: to operationalise suggested policy and governance solutions for the identified key bottlenecks hindering successful adaptation to climate change in the EU urban areas.

The Action Plan is guided by these key principles:

  • Respect for subsidiarity and proportionality principles by defining clear responsibilities for actions on the appropriate governance levels, which ensure the most efficient delivery of the results and the highest added value;
  • Seeking a more effective integrated and coordinated approach to EU policies, legislation, funding sources and initiatives governing urban adaptation issues;
  • Mainstreaming approach by strengthening of the urban dimension in the EU adaptation to climate change policies and strengthening the adaptation dimension in the EU urban policies, instead of creating new policies;
  • Additional to the existing initiatives, instruments and activities undertaken by EU, national, regional and local authorities by building on current achievements, best practices, accrued knowledge and lessons learnt;
  • Strong local governance level ownership through active involvement of urban authorities and innovative bottom-up approach in the definition of the Action Plan;
  • Striving toward territorial cohesion by ensuring a wide geographic representation among Adaptation Partnership members and encouraging the expression of urban adaptation concerns originating in all geography of the EU;
  • Strong awareness of socio-economic issues and potential socio-economic impacts of the proposed actions with the aim to minimise negative and promote positive impacts;
  • Embedding of the proposed actions in the existing working and decision-making structures on all governance levels – EU, national, regional and local without creating unnecessary administrative burden;
  • Compliance with EU legislation on personal data protection where the collection and exchange of information involve the processing of personal data.

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Climate Adaptation Action Plan
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Climate Adaptation final action plan