Abating urban exposure to air pollutants, 26-27 Sept. in Barcelona


LIFE Platform Meeting on Air Quality focused in “Abating urban exposure to air pollutants” will take place on 26-27 September 2017 at El Born Centre, Plza Comercial 12, Barcelona (Spain​).

Purpose: To bring together LIFE project beneficiaries, competent authorities and other stakeholders from across Europe to discuss specific actions to abating air pollution in urban areas including, measures on road traffic, industry (especially fugitive emissions), domestic and commercial heating (including solid fuel stoves/boilers), shipping, construction/demolition works and airports.

For registration, please contact Cristina Vasconcelos (cristina.vasconcelos@idaea.csic.es) or Raquel Navarrete (raquel.navarrete@neemo.eu). 

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