Do you cheer for the elephant or for the virus? - by Gianfranco Cecconi

In my private time, I follow closely the challenges posed to our freedom and rights by the fast changes in society and the markets due to digital. I try to be balanced while, at the same time, not to get too comfortable on the mainstream ideas. In arguments, I like to take the least popular stance just for the sake of conversation and to understand better what's happening around me.

So, this morning, I got to my keyboard and wrote "The elephant and the virus" for the Support Centre for Data Sharing. It's easy to get outraged and up in arms by the enormous power of the American digital giants, the "GAFAM", the elephants of the digital world, but are they really a problem?

With the team, with legislators, and small and big entrepreneurs across Europe we're working hard to set the basis for an ethical, legal, technically sound and secure data sharing ecosystem. Those big players and their influence on the technology and networks we can use today for data sharing is significant. I wonder, however, if that is a distraction and we should rather worry about other, more subtler issues that don't get that often in the news or on the digital agenda of parliaments.

What do you reckon?    


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