ACB Roadmaps

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Improving good governance by strengthening capacity in Public Administration at local, national and European levels is crucial for effective and efficient use of EU funds, and to achieve territorial and economic cohesion as stated in article 174 of the TFEU.

In the 2021-2027 programming period, the EC is boosting its support for Administrative Capacity Building (ACB) by providing all Member States with a toolkit that can help them develop Roadmaps to build their own capacity. This will facilitate programme implementation and encourage good practices.

An ACB Roadmap is a strategic, voluntary and flexible document that can include all types of capacity building actions linked to the management and use of ESI Funds, combining funding options under EU Regulations as well as national resources.

The ACB Roadmap Community will bring together practitioners such as representatives of Managing Authorities, Intermediate Bodies and other authorities from all Member States. Practitioners, who may have already started working on ACB Roadmaps, will soon work on them, or are highly interested in the topic can join the group and exchange practices, knowledge and insights on Roadmap preparation and development.

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