Making sense of some numbers behind Mathchain

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The genesis block of mathchain was published on 20. June 2018. Almost six months and around 12 billion in USD published research papers has passed till then.

Research publishing industry has turnover of around 25 billion USD per year. The  procedure described in block 7 of this blockhain used technology available for two  decades and several hundred of billions of USD worth of research papers
written and published ago.

“Time is money“ has been disproved by the fact Bitcoin and mining random numbers using fossil fuel is more lucrative then preserving knowledge, securing research papers and preserving critical infrastructure for future generations. Most of digital research papers and regulation don’t have time component for protection. Currently energy invested into digital  research papers and documents is going into smoke and depend on an
 online infrastructure for verification.

The twelfth block has

SHA256: ff5be68af0ae36cd011677ea20e9c3cb0c987af8da0a14b27126ca4b972c1594


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