Comparing privacy laws: GDPR v. LGPD

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DataGuidance by OneTrust provides a suite of privacy solutions designed to help organizations monitor regulatory developments, mitigate risk and achieve global compliance.

The DataGuidance by OneTrust platform includes focused guidance around core topics (i.e. GDPR, data transfers, breach notification, among others), Cross-Border Charts which allow you to compare regulations across multiple jurisdictions at a glance, a daily customized news service, and expert analysis.

These tools, along with our in-house analyst service to help with your specific research questions, provide a cost-effective and efficient solution to design and support your privacy programme.

Baptista Luz Advogados was founded in 2004 and covers most areas of corporate law. Its clients include companies and economic groups, both domestic and international, investment funds, angel investors and entrepreneurs. It also operates in other sectors of the economy, particularly advertising, technology, financial institutions, aeronautics, telecommunications, e-commerce, logistics, and health. Baptista Luz has a dedicated team for Privacy and Data Protection, with outstanding professionals, who are directly involved with the most important discussions in the area and which deal with data protection compliance on a global and national level. The firm has offices in three different Brazilian cities (São Paulo, Florianópolis and Londrina) as well as a unit in Miami.

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