Video: Webinar on €56 million call for innovative responses to Corona-like pandemics

A webinar to present the new call for medical technologies, digital tools and artificial intelligence solutions was organised on 20 May 2020.

In addition to a number of past and ongoing research actions to fight coronaviruses and epidemics, a new call for expression of interest has been issued within the scope of the novel ERAvsCORONA action plan. The European Commission calls for innovative and rapid health-related responses to the COVID-19 pandemic. Such responses should deliver quick results that are relevant to society and allow for a higher level of preparedness for the European health systems.

The webinar focused on the following call-topics:

In view of the call’s short deadline (closing on 11 June 2020), we invited all National Contact Points and other interested stakeholders to participate in the webinar, organized by Photonics21 on May 20th at 10h00 am. This webinar gave an overview and focus on the second topic of the call.


Watch the recordings

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