The use of new AI technologies: are they useful today? Probably not

We need experts with their own voice, really directing society, properly investing citizens' money: The use of new AI technologies: are they useful today? Probably not

And they are not useful, because they still do not take sufficiently into account the most important factor of any science: the data (golden data), the rigor and the necessary orthodoxy in every scientific discipline; the data is more important than the technique used.

Some plans of a building designed with futuristic CAD technology, based on erroneous data, will constitute the structural cemetery of that building in the future. It is like making the parrot speak and thereby presuppose intelligence: that is only imitation.

New technologies are exciting adventures, very important and necessary for society, something to protect without a doubt, but they are not a short-term solution. It is, as understood from a scientific perspective, a necessary approach to the future, to tomorrow. We must not get carried away by anything other than usability, scientific discipline and rigor.

And in medicine, if possible, the matter has to be much, much more serious. Lives are at stake.

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Von faiz ikramulla am Sa., 11/21/2020 - 13:21

i agree this is serious, and an engineer or scientist must not forget their responsibility towards rigor and and discipline.  however, ai tools in these spaces are real, developed years ago, and already being used and improved upon - and extremely helpful.  they save time with higher quality results.  yes, if the input data is incorrect, and/or if the output is incorrectly analyzed without validation - one could end up with widescale poorly designed bridges and/or poor quality of healthcare.  they talk about the "human in the loop" - i think as long as there is an ethical scientist or ethical engineer in the loop, i am not too concerned - that is what is their job description.  now if you have unethical engineers/scientists everywhere... that is another story, and they may as well call them politicians or pop stars.