Some very clear human-driven ideas: "It's Time to Rethink Levels of Automation for Self-Driving Vehicles"

Often the American reading in technology brings us closer to a very clear vision about the future of technical levels, standards and the use of technology in a technically cultured society. And in the USA, where once again they clarify that the numerical levels of vehicle autonomy (from 0 to 5) are clearly insufficient to govern them. In addition to putting on the table that level 5 of autonomy is simply: an unattainable utopia that enriches the industry and impoverishes the necessary vision and the environment that must be taken into account.

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Erik Stayton is a Ph.D. candidate in History, Anthropology, and STS at M.I.T. He studies human interactions with AI systems and the values ​​implicated in the design, use, and regulation of automated vehicles.
 He has also worked in the automotive industry as a social science researcher.

Jack Stilgoe is an Associate Professor at University College London’s Department of Science and Technology Studies, where he teaches and researches the governance of emerging technologies. He runs the Driverless Futures project (, funded by the U.K. Economic and Social Research Council. He is the author of Who’s Driving Innovation? (Palgrave, 2020)

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