Regarding privacy, probably, the best way around the world to have good criterias: Openmined

Next saturday and sunday (26-27 september): WHAT IS [MEANINGFUL PRIVACY], online event:


"Meaningful privacy and how it is applied in technology will be the focus of 60 privacy preserving leaders from around the globe during the OpenMined Privacy conference Sept 26 and 27 2020 with more than 2000 in attendance virtually. Join In.

OpenMined is leading the discussion, along with industry and academia leaders on how to solve the world’s biggest privacy concerns using various state-of-the art privacy preserving technologies, such as privacy preserving machine learning. [...]". Kellye Trask

As they have been reporting, in my opinion, their ways of approaching and raising privacy far exceed the expectations that other actors have addressed. Although some points, logically, coincide.


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