Publish and publish and publish science on Artificial Intelligence

A year ago, on October 23, 2019, I published in engrXiv some pragmatic principles or hypotheses or postulates or numbers or axioms ... or whatever each one wants to call it regarding the use of Artificial Intelligence ... And a year later (and always gambling the type of publication alone and without more academic value than that of future events and its own foundations) I observe that there are already 263 downloads in an environment of avant-garde engineering in the United States. All a pride knowing what is behind these things. And here it is not worth surrounding yourself with colleagues to publish, with suitable orcids, nor are famous names worth, here you have to measure up or get kicked out directly. You have to show your face.
So those young scientists who are being manipulated by names and entities and subjected to the yoke of the dictatorship of publication here have a way to be really free and do science. They just need to say and say with criteria: right or wrong, but with criteria. Without fear.
We will also help publish ourselves on and (Spanish) from November 10th. Science now no longer knows dictators, powers, or yokes: science is free and the owner of its destiny, like Artificial Intelligence itself. Nothing and nobody will be able to stop the path that citizens wish to undertake, in my opinion.

See you next day 9 at the II meeting in Europe on Artificial Intelligence. There is a good place to listen to the politicians, to the experts and to take action later. Many economic funds are being destined and must obtain an answer for the citizens yes or yes.


Lloret Egea, J. A. (2019, November 23). Los 7 mandamientos de la IA | The 7 commandments of AI.

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