Intelligent software in times of pandemic: contact tracing apps. Do Google and Apple have the key to citizens' personal information?

Morgan banking was one of the triggers of the monopoly law in the USA, which highlighted that a private entity could have more power than the State itself. Then others like Microsoft would suffer, with an impressive hardness in its application. Nothing new, if we think that in the fourteenth century it already happened to the Order of the Temple. And now, do we make the same mistake again?

Two private giants (Google and Apple) in April began to run as the only technology leaders for tracking the pandemic (autonomous trackers). And the result, among others, is the so-called Covid Radar in Spain. Rather, it is simply an API that pulls the power of the tech giants' cloud services. Very similar to those created by other European countries (Germany, Switzerland, Italy, etc).

Are we in good hands? Do politicians know who or what they are entrusted to? The doubts are very, very reasonable.

An attempt to provoke solutions is this initiative of the IEEE to collect a feedbak / imput to the "reasonableness" of ethical initiatives. The engineering sector tries to steer unstable opinions that may be induced or polarized by third-party interests.


More information and the paper for feedback to the IEEE:

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