AI & digital certifications - Need your advice

Hello European partners, I have noticed recently that increasingly number of "AI / machine learning / digital transformation" certifications are blooming... (MIT Sloan / Columbia Executive Education and so on...) I have an interest in getting certified in this domain but honestly I am getting a bit lost. If anyone could give some advices or share his experience, that would be great.

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Poslal Howard Herman Tor, 23/04/2019 - 08:02

Hi Sylvain,


I’m not surprised if you are confused as the AI field is very broad. I was also in your shoe when I first landed to this field. Just like any career, you need to do your soul searching. AI is complimentary to almost every discipline/career field (I am specializing in AI law but that is still too broad, so I decided to focus on the laws of Blockchain’s intersectionality with AI, AGI, and AI for Digital Asset Management). But before you branch out to your specialty, you need to master the basics of AI. To begin with, you can either take the American or European approach. If you want a more Americanized perspective you can try Harvard Extension School but if you want a more Europeanized approach, you can try Oxford University or University of St. Gallen. Hertie in Berlin is also a good school if you want to focus on AI governance later.


But above all, certifications are just a way to show that you are having credentials. Having certifications is not necessary for you to gain knowledge and it does not really guarantee that you meet the demand of the AI market. But sure, it guarantees you respect. 


I can say this because despite the very minimal difference of thought pattern before and after having my “credentials” (i.e. my issue spotting thought pattern has always been working since ages ago), more people listen to me AFTER I have my credentials. People are too “Ivy League minded”.


The BEST way for you to show that you have the knowledge is to write academic papers/blog about AI and participate in AI conferences.


Getting involved in politics is also another way for you to contribute to this field.


I hope it helps.





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Poslal Norbert JASTROCH Tor, 23/04/2019 - 10:49


a renowned address is the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI, in Kaiserslautern etc.). They are active since thirty years now, they support the whole range of what is called artificial intelligence today, and they actually offer career opportunities.

Regards, Norbert


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Poslal Kai Salmela Sre, 24/04/2019 - 07:45


I'm not aware of your level of expertise , but one free course is


One way to find contacts and dive to AI is getting involved to ISO standardisation of an AI - You need to contact your local standardisation organisation in order to start with that.


wbr Kai Salmela


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Poslal Sylvain Lérissel Sob, 27/04/2019 - 22:11

Many thanks for your valuable advices, glad to hear that you guys have already reached out an advanced level of maturity in the stairway to "AI" heaven ;)
Firstly, I will take the CIPP/E certification. Apparently, it seems to be a tough one even if you have a "deep" knowledge in data privacy.
Have a nice May 1st off ;)