I-Europe as the European Strategy on Artificial Intelligence (AI)

I-Europe: INTELLIGENT SUPERPOWER: Smart, Secure, Strong, Social, Sustainable EUROPE (5sEU)

The USA, China, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, India, Italy, Japan, Mexico, the Nordic-Baltic region, Singapore, South Korea, Sweden, Taiwan, the UAE, the UK, as well as the EU Commission, have all published national AI strategies.

Each strategy is focusing on some selected aspects of AI policy: intelligent industry and smart economy, scientific research, talent development, skills and education, public and private sector adoption, ethics and inclusion, standards and regulations, big data or digital infrastructure.

To lead the world in AI theories, technologies, and applications, AI research, training, and industry, it is necessary to implement the unified global AI strategy, with initiatives and goals for smart cities and intelligent infrastructure, R&D, industrialization, talent development, education and skills acquisition, standard setting and regulations, ethical norms, cybersecurity, and the “Fourth Industrial Revolution”.

To be a leading Global Actor in the future smart world, I- EUROPE is proposed as the most comprehensive of all national AI strategies. It makes a global AI-driven sustainable transnational community strategy dealing with the future opportunities and challenges in an integrated way, with new forms of smart society and governance of direct democracies; for the legitimacy of the European project is defined by the public ownership of the EU.

AI platforms and Smart Government, Smart Economy, Intelligent Industrialization and Eco-Smart Urbanization, Big Data and the Internet of Things, Education and Healthcare, Energy, Transportation, Environment, and Defence, Sustainable Development, Smart Growth, Security, Equity, Inclusiveness, Direct Democracy, Civil Society, Smart Wealth and Innovative Basic Income System (IBIS), all to constitute the makeup of a AI-leading Union as AI Superpower:

Social Europe, Security Europe, Smart Europe, Green Europe, Intelligent Europe, Knowledge Europe, Quality Europe, Inclusive Europe, Sustainable Europe, and Global Europe

Future AI Europe has 3 options:

  • the leading world centre
  • the dependent part of the “American world”
  • the western periphery of Great Eurasia

We envision the Future Europe as an INTELLIGENT SUPERPOWER: Smart, Secure, Strong, Social, Sustainable EUROPE (5sEU).


I-Europe is to contribute into building a smart inclusive society and a world-leading economy based on knowledge, innovation and future technologies and integrated sustainable urban and rural development, supporting the sustainable management of natural resources and climate action and balanced urban-rural territorial development throughout Europe
I-Europe will directly support the implementation of the Europe 2020 strategy by creating and consolidating the future Union policies, regulations, plans, programs, schemes and services for the Post-Europe 2020.

I-Europe is designed as a Strategic Investment of European Significance in Urban and Natural Environment, Energy, Transport, Broadband, Education, Research and Innovation, Economy and Business.

I-Europe is to combine all the key investment areas such as mobility, SME-support, green energy, resource and energy efficiency, digital infrastructure and Information and Communication Technology in a systematic, sustainable and inclusive way.

I-Europe implies the highest economic and societal and environmental return, promising stable economic recovery, long-term growth, quality jobs and sustainable competitiveness, and involving the smart nation government bonds and municipal revenue bonds, as under the European Central Bank’s Assets Purchase Program of EUR 1 trillion.

I-Europe envisions its Communities of tomorrow as the places of holistic conception, integrated investment strategies and innovative action plans, of advanced social progress; of green, ecological or environmental regeneration; of attraction of talents and engines of economic growth, as well as the platforms for smart governance, democracy, cultural dialogue, diversity and social unity.

I-Europe is to contribute into building the Future Union as the Integrated Territories of the Future: Sustainable States, Intelligent Eco Cities, Green Communities, Sustainable Future-Proof Infrastructures, Intelligent Industrial Base and Eco-Smart Natural and Built Environment.







I-Europe Transnational Community Platform: Smart Cloud-EUROPE and Digital/ICT Infrastructure

i-Europe Cloud Computing Infrastructure and Applications

(Software as a Service, SaaS, Web access Portals, User-driven web-based services for citizens and businesses, Front end interface to city clouds, applications and services, GESS, Intelligent Web Search Engine)

CloudEUROPE, Land Cloud, Transport Cloud, Utilities Cloud, Energy Cloud, Building Cloud, Facility Cloud, Security Cloud, Health Cloud, Education Cloud, Research & Innovation Cloud Space Cloud, Manufacturing Cloud, Government Cloud, Business Cloud, Culture Cloud, Environment Cloud, Social Media Cloud, Citizen Cloud;

Future Digital Europe: Cloud States, Cloud Cities, Cloud Communities, Digital Persons/Avatars

i-Europe Transnational Community Cloud Software Environment (Platform as a Service, PaaS, eg, Google’s App Engine and Salesforce Customer Relation Management)


i-Europe Transnational Community  Software Management Kernel (OS kernel, hypervisor, virtual machine monitor and/or

clustering middleware; grid and cluster computing applications)


i-Europe Transnational Community  Cloud Software Infrastructure

Computational Resources (Virtual Machines, Infrastructure as a Service, IaaS, eg, Amazon’s Elastic Compute Cloud, EC2 )

Storage (Data as a Service, DaaS, eg, Amazon S3, Urban Service Data Sets and Smart ICT Service Knowledge Bases)

Communications (Communication as a Service, CaaS, eg, Broadband Networks, Broadband Networks, Mobile Networks, Next Generation Intelligent Telecommunications, Future Internet, Communications Internet, Energy Internet, Logistics Internet, Intelligent Manufacturing Internet, Environment Internet, etc., Optical Network Infrastructure, as Huawei’s Intelligent Optical Distribution Network (iODN), Cisco’s Smart Connected Communities, or Microsoft Connected Service Framework (CSF)

i-Europe Transnational Community Firmware / Hardware /Smart Technology Infrastructure

Hardware as a Service, HaaS, eg, IBM Kittyhawk, HW Cloud Data Centers


TRANSNATIONAL, NATIONAL, REGIONAL, AND URBAN INFRASTRUCTURE: Territories, Land, Environment and Natural resources, Transportation and logistics, Energy, Gas and Electricity, Water and Wastewater, Waste and Sewerage, Facilities and Buildings, ICT and Telecommunications, Education, Research and Innovation, Economy, Industry and  Business, Healthcare, Safety and Security, Governance and Administration, Regions and States, Cities, Communities  and People

Project I-EU XXI:Future Europe:

Social Europe™, Digital Europe™, Green Europe™, Intelligent Europe™, Knowledge Europe™, Innovative Europe™, Inclusive Europe™, Sustainable Europe™, and Global Europe™


“AI made in Europe”

Delivering on its strategy on artificial intelligence (AI) adopted in April 2018, the Commission presented a coordinated plan prepared with Member States to foster the development and use of AI in Europe.
Representatives of Member States, Norway, Switzerland and the Commission have met over the last six months to identify synergies and joint actions that will now be reviewed and updated on an annual basis.

They prioritised areas of public interest, such as healthcare, transport and mobility, security and energy.

They agreed to:

1. Maximise investments through partnerships
Joint actions to achieve these investment objectives include:

National AI strategies: By mid-2019 all Member States should have their own strategies in place outlining investment levels and implementation measures, which will feed into discussions at EU-level.

A new European AI public-private partnership: A new research and innovation partnership on AI will be set up, to foster collaboration between academia and industry in Europe and to define a common strategic research agenda on AI.

A new AI scale-up fund: The Commission will support startups and innovators in AI and blockchain in their early stages as well as for companies in their scale-up phase.

Developing and connecting world-leading centres for AI: European AI excellence centres will be developed and connected, world-reference testing facilities will be established in areas such as connected mobility, and the uptake of AI across the economy will be encouraged through Digital Innovation Hubs (€66 million for robotics hubs are announced today). A European Innovation Council pilot initiative will also be launched to support next generation AI technologies.

2. Create European data spaces

Large, secure and robust datasets need to be available for AI technology to be developed. Together with European countries, the Commission will create common European data spaces to make data sharing across borders seamless, while ensuring full compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation.

3. Nurture talent, skills and life-long learning

4. Develop ethical and trustworthy AI

AI raises new ethical questions, for example potentially biased decision-making. To create trust, which is necessary for societies to accept and use AI, the coordinated plan aims to develop a technology which respects fundamental rights and ethical rules.





The development plan analyzes the global AI landscape, examines the potential impact of AI on the EU and its Member States, giving a set of recommendations for industry, academia, and government policymakers focused on

(1) data and digital infrastructure,

(2) government and public services,

(3) industry and commerce,

(4) science and technology, public and private R&D,

(5) capacity and competence, skills and education,

(6) ethics, standards, principles, values, privacy, security, and trust.

The plan implies a task force to provide recommendations on the national AI policies,

how governments can leverage AI strategies and apply new AI technologies to realize the industrialization roadmap, make smart investments in R&D, talent, public data, start-ups and innovative projects, using AI and Data as ethical, safe, reliable, and transparent.

The I-EUROPE XXI is aimed to lead the AI Revolution securing the Europe's leadership in the emerging global AI market.


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