Artificial Intelligence needs explanation.

The first book on explainable artificial intelligence geared to a business audience is now available. It argues that explainable AI solutions are more succesful. It provides 5 reasons why explainable AI is more successful and six steps to start successfully applying XAI. 


One of the reasons is that explanaibility is already in some cases, and will become in more cases, a requirement, for example by EU regulations. But there are more reasons for business to invest in, and request, explainability.


The target audience looks for practical guidance and convincing arguments for responsible business managers to take ownership of the intelligence required to design effective decision support systems. Easy to read, using many examples and by demystifying AI technology this book will replace fear for AI with a simple and responsible strategy. Insightful for managers and specialists.

I am looking forward to any feedback on this topic from the European AI Alliance. Order at amazon or more information on


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