algoaware - State of the Art Report on algorithmic decision-making

Dear all,

algoaware is a project commissioned by DG Connect that has three key aims:

  1. Contributing to a wider, shared understanding of the role of decision-making algorithms, with the intention of raising public awareness and debate of emerging issues;
  2. Identifying the opportunities, problems and emerging issues raised by the use of decision-making algorithms, and establishing a scientific evidence-base for these issues and opportunities; and
  3. Designing and prototyping a policy toolbox.

In pursuit of all three objectives, we have recently published our draft synthesis of the State-of-the-Art in the field of algorithmic decision-making. In line with our design-led methodology, this report is to be considered the prototype. As such, we want the information to be tested, challenged and supplemented through an open and crowd-sourced peer-review process.

We would like to encourage you to review the report, challenge our findings, provide us with additional information and more generally engage with the study.

You can find the report, subscribe to our newsletter, read our blogs and look at relevant events on our website ( and chat with us on Twitter (@algoaware).

Many thanks - we look forward to hearing from you!

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