Invitation to join the AIAAIC Repository

Hello everyone, it is a pleasure to be here - not least as a former EU official. 

It is broadly understood that AI and algorithms can help tackle climate change, strengthen cybersecurity, and improve customer service, amongst all manner of applications.

On the other hand, limitations in fairness, safety and security together with a perceived lack of transparency and accountability means these technologies can damage the rights and interests of citizens, consumers and others and, as such, pose significant potential risks to the organisations that design, develop and deploy them.

As the adoption of AI and AI-related technologies become more mainstream, awareness diversifies and grows, public opinion consolidates and legislation hardens, the risks are likely to become more reputational in nature.

In the absence of clear, objective, structured information and data in the public domain on the risks and impacts of AI, I have developed the AIAAIC Repository, an open database of incidents and controversies driven by or relating to artificial intelligence, algorithms and automation.

The repository is primarily used by researchers, academics, NGOs, journalists, analysts, and policy makers for qualitative and quantitative research and reference.

European AI Alliance members are free to use, copy and remix its contents in line with its CC-BY-4.0- license. Accurate, fair and supportable contributions in English are welcome.

The repository can be found at: 

- Website
- Database

Thank you.

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