Help us spread the word - Survey on Youth and Artificial Intelligence

Dear Network, 

We are excited to share that AI4DA has launched a Youth and AI Survey. We are aiming to survey 1000 young people and learn about their understanding, expectations, and perceptions regarding Artificial Intelligence. Your support would mean a lot!

How to help?

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    • Sharing via your marketing/community channels. You can share this post.

    • Sharing survey link with young people in your network. The survey is anonymous and available in English and German language.

Survey results will be complemented by focus groups and compiled in a report by early 2023. The results will be made publicly available, so stay tuned!

Thanks again for your continuous support 


More about the background story of this study:

We are inviting young people aged 15-24 to participate in our anonymous survey and share their views and opinions on Artificial Intelligence. 

We believe young people deserve a seat at the table, and together with them, we hope to transform the conversation about youth participation in AI.

Although AI decisions affecting the lives and future of the youth are made on a regular basis, their influence over these decisions is limited. Our team has analyzed more than 128 AI assessments to understand how young people are included in the development of AI. The findings indicate that youth are underrepresented in AI development and design. Moreover, the analysis highlights the need to redefine power relations between young people and AI.

#1 Step - fill in this short survey. The survey is available in English and German. Your answers are completely anonymous and will be analyzed in combination with other young people’s responses. 
#2 Step - take part in focus groups that will complement this study.
#3 Step - join the task team that will set standards and principles for youth-inclusive AI.

Youth Survey on AI
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