European AI Showcases Policy Approaches & Collaborative Ideas at Paris Peace Forum

European Commission will present its artificial intelligence (AI) policy approaches and collaborative ideas for ethical, sustainable, and trustworthy AI at the global level at the Paris Peace Forum (PPF) to be held in Paris on 11-12 November 2022.

The International Outreach for Human-Centric Artificial Intelligence ( was selected as one of the 60 showcase projects by the 5th edition PPF which focuses on ways to overcome the multi-crisis and avoid a worsening of global polarization in 2022.’s presence at the PPF, highlights the EU's efforts to promote the development of an AI that is safe, puts people and their livelihoods at the centre and promotes human rights along with internationally recognised values. will have a booth to showcase the project, its leader to be a speaker on the Roundtable Discussion “Making AI work for international development,” and participate as an observer and discussant in the Roundtable Discussion on “Managing AI Risk: Perspectives from around the world.” This roundtable discussion “Making AI work for international development” will be on 11th November 2022, from 14:45-15:45 - Room 2 – Salon Napoléon.

Apart from direct conversations at the booth over the two days, and online engagements, the project representatives will also network with leading experts in international cooperation and delegations attending the forum, including through dedicated match-making activities and bilateral meetings.  

The Director for Artificial Intelligence and Digital Industry at the European Commission, Lucilla Sioli will participate roundtable on “Managing AI Risk: Perspectives from around the world”, taking place on 11th November 2022, 11:15-12:15. The roundtable, co-organized with the OECD.AI, will focus on AI regulation approaches, risk management approaches from international organisations perspectives, the EU with its AI Act, the US, and other key global players.

The EU has been a driving force in a holistic human-centric AI governance approach that honours universal values, fundamental rights, and principles. The approach and what would be needed and associated will be discussed at the Roundtable.

With the strong participation of European AI at the PPF by the experts’ contributions and the above activities, European AI is adding to the success of the 5th PPF, which analyses ways to mitigate multiple shocks and the socio-economic consequences of crises, while supporting multilateralism and a more cooperative world. 

The EU AI’s new solutions, initiatives and transnational debates will offer examples that demonstrate determination, resilience, solidarity, and innovation on the part of actors from the North and the South facing the major challenges of our time.

The PPF brings together representatives of States, international organizations, companies, development banks, foundations, and NGOs from all regions of the world, united to transform solutions into concrete actions.

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