Rockstart AI at World Summit AI: "Dear Startups & Corporates: The only way to win is together"


Gashouder, Westerpark
Klönneplein 1
1014 DD Amsterdam

The Rockstart  AI program would like to invite AI influencers and leaders to World Summit AI Day 1 on October 10th. 

This year Rockstart AI will continue our discussion, "Dear Startups & Corporates: The only way to win is together"-- last year we gave our perspective on the current corporate need to invest in and embrace artificial intelligence, and this year we are happy to discuss our key learnings in the successful collaboration between Rockstart alumni startups and corporates. 

Some of the other interest sessions & workshops taking place at World Summit AI:

  • How are emerging technologies fuelling digital transformation?
  • How Heineken uses AI to improve operations, marketing, advertising and customer experience
  • Over the edge AI - startups making breakthroughs for the benefit of humanity

Review the programme and claim the free ticket (valued € 400) here. 

If you’re also interested in day 2 of World Summit AI, please write to and we can provide you with a discounted ticket for day 2 of World Summit AI (price €100 for startups, €300 for others).

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