The challenges of generic AI regulation – An Industry Perspective


Co-hosted by Deirdre Clune MEP, Ireland South, this is the first of a series of four sessions hosted by Xperi (Ireland) as a follow up to their successful “Trustworthy AI – An Industry Perspective” webinar that was held in November 2020.

In this first session, you will hear more about the AI Act as it is currently proposed. The session will be opened by Ms. Clune and Gabriel Cosgrave, General Manager EMEA at Xperi.

Salvatore Scalzo, Policy and Legal Officer in the field of "Artificial Intelligence" at European Commission will then give an update on the current draft of the Act.

Following Salvatore’s intervention, he will be joined by Prof. Barry O’Sullivan who will lead a panel that includes Dr. Petronel Bigioi, CTO Xperi, Dr. David Moloney, Chief Scientist, Ubotica, Dr. Patricia Scanlon, Founder and Executive Chair at SoapBox Labs and John Patterson, VP and Associate General Counsel, Xperi. They will share why careful review and adaptation is needed to ensure that Europe remains an attractive and competitive arena for businesses wishing to use Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to enhance the lives of citizens and provide a safer, more productive society for all.

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Further sessions in the “AI – An Industry Perspective” series which are scheduled to take place during October, November and December 2021 will delve deeper into the detail to provide recommendations for decision makers and parliamentarians as they debate the Act.

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