AI4EU Café: The N2D2 development environment for embedded IA


Thursday, on April 22nd, at 3:00 PM

Title: Neural Networks Design and Deployment (N2D2) for embedded AI

The Speaker is

Christian Gamrat (CEA, France)

The link to register is:


This presentation will give an overview on the N2D2 development platform and its use in the design of embedded AI systems. The talk will begin with some contextual elements and the rationale behind the development of the tool. In a second part the N2D2 design tool and its major features will be described together with a couple of application examples. In a third part, the embeddable neuromorphic accelerators PNEURO and DNEURO, developed at CEA, will be described together with their natural links with the N2D2 platform. Finally an overview at the future of N2D2 will be given.



Christian Gamrat is chief scientist and CEA fellow in the fi eld of advanced computing architecture. Graduated from the University of Grenoble and ENSERG in Electrical Engineering and information processing, he began his career at CEA-Grenoble in 1981 on data processing projects for nuclear physics experiments. He got involved in the study of neural networks in 1987 and led the team for the MIND-1024 neurocomputer project in 1989. He joined CEA, Saclay in 1995 where he worked on the development of massively parallel computers for image processing. In 1997 he started an activity on recon figurable computing and later on initiated a research on novel computing paradigms aimed at nano technologies. Christian has coordinated several national and European funded projects and has contributed to more than 60 papers and book chapters.

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